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The Film Punch Drunk Love By Paul Thomas Anderson

Sophia Marchese Film 1010 Essay #3 October 2015 There are many aspects that go into the art of filmmaking. Almost everything that the audience experiences in a film has significance in one way or another. Filmmakers use specific components in order to express thoughts and ideas through their work. These fundamentals of filmmaking typically contribute towards meaning. Audiences can draw multiple different meanings from a film, as everyone interprets things in their own way; but ultimately an overall implicit meaning can be understood by drawing attention to the techniques utilized by the filmmakers. This is true of the film Punch Drunk Love, written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. This playfully twisted romantic comedy shows the†¦show more content†¦This establishes the idea that Barry is comfortable blending in with his surroundings in order to avoid standing out. It is the first demonstration of the character’s anti-social tendencies. This is also displayed by Barry’s framing in the long shot. He is positioned in the furthest corner of the room, giving a sense that his life is confined and isolated. The shadows on the right of the frame advance this idea of confinement by constructing the shot to make his office look almost like a cave, in which he feels most comfortable. Barry crosses the frame to walk towards the shadow, which eventually fills the screen with blackness until he opens the door to exit his office. This shot presents the idea that the outside world is very different from the safety of Barry’s cave. The second shot adds to this notion, as Barry immediately witnesses a brutal car crash as soon as he walks outside. Whenever he leaves the safety of his comfort zone, danger presents itself. This sequence does its job to categorize the main character as someone who does not seem capable of normal social interaction. This meaning that he is also incapable of love, or is too consumed with anxiety to look for it. The cinematography in these preliminary shots set u p meaning for the rest of the film. They do not establish the idea that Barry will soon fall in love, but instead show a person that is on the opposite spectrum and completely engaged by

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Community Archaeology Archaeology And The World Of...

Community archaeology is another sub-discipline of archaeology, just like Indigenous archaeology is. What is community archaeology, and why does it matter? These are the main two questions that plague community archaeology. From the outside community archaeology just looks like another version of Indigenous archaeology, but it is not. Community archaeology, is archaeology for the people by the people. This is the simplest of definitions, while there is no concrete definition of what community archaeology is, even at the end of the Archaeology in the Community conference the participants were still no closer to a concrete definition. It seems everyone has their own definition of what community archaeology is. There are some common reoccurring themes, â€Å"such as cooperation between professional and non-professional archaeologist, and the belief that archaeology does not have to take place in private between consenting companies.† (Moshenska and Dhanjal 2006: 1) The in tegration of the public into to the world of archaeology isn’t a new concept, archaeologist for decades have been looking to the public to help better understand their surrounds and the history of the area. Ethnographies have been helpful in understanding and interpreting the past, these ethnographies were developed through interviews and observing the locals in a certain area. The emergence of community archaeology has never been pinpointed to one area of the world, since it is practiced all over theShow MoreRelatedAnimal Ancestry : The Field Of Anthropology Essay1271 Words   |  6 PagesAncestry Within the field of anthropology, there are various subsections that deal with specific branches of knowledge. Zooarchaeology, specifically, is a division of archaeology that deals with the remains of an animal after it has died. Much knowledge can be gleaned about various aspects of the animal itself, as well as the world surrounding it, through the study of zooarchaeology. The following will discuss the history of zooarchaeology, the methods of study utilized within this branch of anthropologyRead MoreThe Prehistory Of Home904 Words   |  4 Pagesover time in different places of the world. He says that â€Å"In addition to their basic and fundamental function of providing shelter from natural elements, dwellings are powerful and complex concentrates of human existence†¦ our dwellings reflect and shape our lives† (Moore, 3). He believes that homes are representations of the existence of individual humans as well as their surroundings. Jerry Moore is successful in expla ining the importance of home in archaeology throughout history with colorful examplesRead MoreConflict, Looting and the Law Essay1293 Words   |  6 Pagesmost pragmatic proposal although in a world with increasing common legal frameworks it should not be necessary to propose a compromise which effectively accepts that the international community cannot prevent illicit excavations and the lucrative trade in artefacts. We should accept that the current situation does not work and that making refinements to existing laws and enacting new laws is unlikely to make a substantial improvement. The archaeological community has a responsibility to help or forceRead MoreEssay about Cultural Studies 1st Exam1573 Words   |  7 Pages Linguistic Competence Revitalization Enculturation Linguistic Performance Secularism Fieldwork Monograph Shaman Fundamentalist Multisited Fieldwork Sociolinguistics Holistic New Religious Movement Synchronic Virtual Worlds ______________________________1. People who share information about their way of life with anthropologists. ______________________________2. The process of learning toRead MoreEssay about Mechanics of Experimental Archaeology2563 Words   |  11 PagesExperimental Archaeology. Experimental Archaeology is a scientific approach to analyzing archaeological data found during excavations. Experimental Archaeologists are grounded in science and work to explain various aspect of the past through physical experimentation being the way of analyzing and interpreting the past. This paper will discuss what Experimental Archaeology is and why it is important to the overall field of archaeology, additionally; it will provide examples of Experimental Archaeology. ExperimentalRead MoreThe Importance of Archaeology1232 Words   |  5 Pagesappointed by President Paul von Hidenburg. It is beginning of the big influence of Nazi to power in Germany, they eliminate individuals’ freedom and create a society that surpasses the level of everyone and religious differences and they call it Volk community. In the first two years of his chancellorship, the Nazi became the controller of the power of every organization such as political groups, government’s state, and professional and cultural organization. They brought them in line with Nazi’s desireRead MoreThe Goal Of Archaeological Research906 Words   |  4 Pagesthrough material remains. Remains include anything that was created or modified for use by humans. By studying culture in this way we gain insight into how different communities lived in different areas of the world. We see how our ancestors lived and how culture has changed over time as our ancestors adapted to their e nvironments. Archaeology covers all time periods and geographic areas that humans live or have lived in. By studying artifacts left behind across time we can study how people lived evenRead MoreI Discovered : A Profound Enthusiasm For Learning About The Lives Of Ancient Peoples That Has Furthered My Determination1298 Words   |  6 Pagesand deaths of the deceased individuals: what they ate, their illness and injuries, their lifestyles, and their relationships with others outside their communities. Even their feelings for each other were sometimes evident. I became fascinated with understanding who the individuals were, what kinds of lives they had, and how they viewed the world, with the last question being the most intriguing. We used the small amount of artifacts buried with the deceased and previous finds from inside the cityRead MoreMy Life At The Museum823 Words   |  4 Pagescultural institutions of Fair Park and the Dallas Arts District. Whether day-tripping to the Women’s M useum or the Nasher Sculpture Center, these Dallas institutions first exposed me to a career in the museum world. My first year at Southern Methodist University, I sought further exposure to this world, and completed an internship at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in the heart of the Arts District. There I served as the Education and Events Intern, working with gallery educators, event planners, andRead MoreWhy Is College Pilgrimage?983 Words   |  4 PagesFor thousands of years, humans have travelled all across the world in search of enlightenment and spiritual improvement. These journeys are  seen in every major religion; from the Islamic pilgrimage of Mecca to the Hindu pilgrimage of the Himalayan Char Dham. The act of embarking on a pilgrimage is never an easy undertaking; particularly when that includes the reliance on relationships that have not yet been  forged. This connection with culturally different individuals develop an unequivocal sense

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Analysis Of Holden Uses Defense Mechanisms - 1157 Words

Jenny Jung Mrs. Kehrmeyer AP Language, Period 1 08 March 2017 Consequently, Holden uses defense mechanisms, â€Å"as a means of preventing anxiety that would result from conscious awareness of disturbing impulses, wishes, or ideas arising from the id,† (Nevid 471). Nevid explains that according to Freudian theory, defense mechanisms reside in the unconscious part of the human brain because if people were conscious of every single problem, people wouldn’t be able to function. Therefore, Holden is subconsciously utilizing defense mechanisms in order to shield himself from confronting his problems. One major defense mechanism present in Holden’s behavior is denial. Holden’s resides in an ivory tower, reluctant to accept that he’s actually hurt.†¦show more content†¦However, Nevid clarifies, â€Å"Though defense mechanisms may be a normal process of adjusting to the unreasonable demands of the id, they can give rise to abnormal behavior,† (471). Although defense mechanisms can help put off a cert ain problem for some time, relying on defense mechanisms is not always beneficial because it gives people reasons to act irrationally. This clarification of Freud’s theory is strongly portrayed in Holden’s exaggerated view of reality. His denial triggers delusional fantasies in Holden’s mind that he doesn’t seem to think deeply about. For example, when one rash thought entered into Holden’s mind, he delivers an ultimatum to Sally, saying, â€Å"...Tomorrow morning we could drive up to Massachusetts and Vermont...We’ll stay in cabin camps until the dough runs out. Then, when the dough runs out, I could get a job somewhere, and we could live somewhere with a brook and all and, later on, we could get married or something,† (Salinger 132). At the age of sixteen, as if it’s not unrealistic enough, he tries to persuade Sally. When Sally gives him a reality check, he practically rages at her. Holden is so blinded by the fantasy world he created for himself and his defense mechanisms were giving Holden an excuse to acting abnormally. As a result, he blames Sally for the unreasonable idea he proposed, calling her â€Å"a royal pain in the ass,† (133). This irrational behavior of Holden is exactly what Freud is illustrating in his theory of personality thatShow MoreRelatedHolden Uses Defense Mechanisms1372 Words   |  6 PagesConsequently, Holden uses defense mechanisms, â€Å"as a means of preventing anxiety that would result from conscious awareness of disturbing impulses, wishes, or ideas arising from the id,† (Nevid 471). Nevid explains that according to Freudian theory, defense mechanisms reside in the unconscious part of the human brain because if people were conscious of every single problem, people wouldn’t be able to function. Therefore, Holden is subconsciously utilizing defense mechanisms in order to shield himselfRead MoreThe Earthquake Of Christchurch Earthquake2405 Words   |à ‚  10 Pages An analysis on the mechanism of destruction, impact, recovery, responses and future steps of the 2011 M6.3 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Helena (Jiahui) Zhang 250641678 November 18 2014 Geography 2152F Mark Moscicki Table of Contents 1.0 Description of Event 2 2.0 Causes 3 3.0 Impacts 5 4.0 Responses 7 5.0 Recovery 8 6.0 Suggestions for future steps 10 7.0 Bibliography 11 1.0 Description of the Event The Christchurch earthquake with a magnitudeRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Criminal Justice System3274 Words   |  14 PagesCriminal Justice System The technological advancement era that has marred the 21st century has seen heightened increased surveillance and proactive crime investigations. Such growth has seen positive legislative moves that have allowed the use of telecommunication gadgets in monitoring trends of criminal activities and criminal gangs[footnoteRef:1]. Most commonwealth nation which United Kingdom is a member have since passed and enacted laws that provide some sort of immunities and exemptions forRead MoreEffects Concerning School-Age Bullying: A Retrospective Examination of College Students Experiences3654 Words   |  15 Pagesand low social self-esteem. Teasing and other bullying issues in early childhood also tend to develop further difficulties for the college students. The less comfortable and minimal intimacy issues are also highlighted as a result of the research analysis. The lease amount or trust is also extended to the friendly and most close relations. The worrisome signs also include the unloved and abandoned in the relationships. The dominant nature of these issues and their relationships are investigated andRead MoreEssay on Jury Nullification and Its Effects on Black America3918 Words   |  16 Pagesbest for the American legal system, what legal precedents dictate, or as is most often the case, on what is right. It is, however, negligent to simply focus on these issues when examining the proposal of Professor Butler. Instead criticism and analysis must be based upon what is best for the Black community in this country. From this perspective it becomes clear that although race-based jury nullification has many attractive features, it must be modified to be truly beneficial.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The firstRead MoreMaster Thesis Topic18078 Words   |  73 Pages Outside investors may not purchase shares in the IPO backed by venture capitalists who were previously involved in taking advantage of insider information and reducing the wealth of outsider investors. Besides venture capitalists also use IPO as an exit mechanism to optimally recycle investments and maximize future returns. Hence the length and expiry of directors’ lockup agreements will convey significantly different information than the length and expiry of venture capitalists’ lockup agreementsRead MoreChildhood Abuse and Neglect in an Outpatient Clinical Sample: Prevalence and Impact4707 Words   |  19 Pagessample revealed a distribution of 8.2% for sexual abuse before age 18 (Clemmons, Walsh, DiLillo, Messman-Moore, 2007). A study from New Zealand reported a 14.1% in the general population (Fergusson, Boden, Horwood, 2008). Finally a recent meta-analysis revealed that 7.9% of men and 19.7% of women had suffered from some form of sexual abuse before age 18 in community and student samples (Pereda, Guilera, Forms, Gomez-Benito, 2009). The same inconsistency is evident for childhood physical abuseRead More50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified (Gm) Foods14312 Words   |  58 Pagespotentially far outweigh that of chemical pollution. This is because chemistry deals mostly with things altered by fire (and then no longer alive, isolated in laboratories - and not infecting living terrains in self-reproducible ways). Thus a farmer may use a chemical for many decades, and then let the land lie fallow to convert it back to organic farming. This is because the chemicals tend to break down into natural substances over time, Genetic pollution, however, can alter the oil s life forever! Read MoreThe Effects of Advertising on Children33281 Words   |  134 PagesAdvertising to Children A review of contemporary research on the influence of television advertising directed to children Prepared for ACMA by Dr Jeffrey E. Brand May 2007  © Commonwealth of Australia 2007 This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from the Commonwealth. Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to the Manager, Communications/MediaRead MoreHistory of Management Thought Revision17812 Words   |  72 Pagesestablished by a study of the job, rather than by historical data, and if incentives could be provided. 3. Search for Science in Management (it is important to point out that management is not a science in an academic sense, but Taylor intended to use a scientific fact-finding method to determine a better way): a. Time study -- this was prescriptive in that Taylor sought to identify the time a job should take (contrast this with Charles Babbage who measured only the length of a work cycle).

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Policy Framework Data Breaches

Question: Discuss about the Policy Framework for Data Breaches. Answer: Introduction: The security breach, also known as the security violation refers to an incident in the information technology area. It takes place when an application or a person intrudes into the logical IT periphery which is private, unauthorized and confidential (Walters, 2014). A research has been carried out regarding the incident of security firms got knocked around in Russia. It took place from September to December on 2015. The following report focuses about the problem, the way it occurred and the reasons behind it on the basis if the research. The security breach results in the unauthorized ingress of networks, devices, services, applications and data by bypassing through the underpinning security mechanisms. On the month of October, the Russian security from the Kaspersky lab claimed that their network is breached. They have already created popular line software on antivirus and they meant that the hackers were none other than the agents working for the state. Eugene, the CEO acclaimed that the breach occurred using zero-day and series of advanced attacks. This was done to gather data about the latest services and technology of the company (Stanwick Stanwick, 2014). This has been one of the early platforms of attack on security by any malicious trespasser. The intruder could have been any cracker, hacker or any nefarious application. The security procedures and policies were violated. It could be anything varying from the low to high critical risks. Many professionals in the cyber security department coined the year 2014 as the year of breach. Then, the year of 2015 was seen as the year of the breach 2.0 as the attackers were following bigger prey. This included the significant government agencies like the attack on the Kasperkey Lab (Johnson, 2015). However, there have been two silver linings on the case. Firstly, the Lab declared that the invasion were determined before any impactful harm was done. The customers were also secured while the incursion has been going on (Leon, 2015). Secondly, the job became easier as the attack was done over a company that has been specialized in founding new attacking techniques. This factor was the most important. Hence attacking on this company was not a good approach. The attackers has lost their expensive and advanced technological framework developed with lots of penance through many years. Moreover, several technologies have been already accessible under the licensing agreements on which the attackers have tried to keep surveillance (McDougal, 2015). Further, the latest vectors of attack utilized were included already in the monitoring software of the firm. How the problem occurred: It has been not clear who undertook the breach. A couple of zero-day exploits of Flash were sitting in the open waiting for the active days when the data should be popped out. The hackers appeared to be the same team that was created by Duqu. It was a spyware that was discovered on 2011. As exposed by Kasperkey, the handiwork of the team popped up with two sophisticated instruments. They were the Flame surveillance platform massive in nature infecting thousands of people for five years (Haukkala, 2015). Another one was the Gauss attack mysteries in nature contain a payload locked with security and was not deciphered yet. Malware has been spread by using the Microsoft Software Installer files. These files have been generally used by the employees of the information technology in order to install programming into remote computers. The cost of the zero-day exploits was assumed to be very high. Reason behind the attack: The attackers turned entrenched within their network for some years. Their purpose had been to siphon the intelligence regarding the attacks on nation states that the company was investing. It was like a situation here the observers have been observing the observers who have been observing them. They also desired to study the working mechanisms of Kasperskys detection software (Jacobson, 2015). In this manner they wished to be able to devise methods for not getting caught. Possible solutions for the attack: Kaspersky was successful in determining them while going a test of a latest product. That has been developed to unveil the exact types of attack the attackers have launched. The only approach that has been ethical from such discoveries of exploitation has been to disclose them. The disclosure was to be done to the software authors. In the present case the software author was the Adobe Systems Inc (Bradshaw, 2015). Breaches have been still hogging much portions of the spotlight. In spite of this, instead being controlled by the events hitting huge retail customers, its effect has been different. It put its impact on the tech giants, public sectors. It further affected the individuals and firms who have trusted the online security of Kaspersky. This made the year of 2015 the extremely roughest year. The spying over the cyber-security firms has been a very risky tendency and practice. The only way to secure the nations has been to fight the attacks openly by the security firms and agencies of law enforcement. All it started in June 2014 as one of employees computer of JPMorgan was hacked. It was been infected with a malware that stole some login credentials. The staff was connected remotely with the corporate network by VPN or virtual private network. The hacker snatched the access to their internal network (Silver-Greenberg, Goldstein Perlroth, 2014). The following report explores the background of the problem. It determines who were affected and how it took place. It has further analyzed the way in which the hacking was carried out. Lastly, the solutions for prevention are assessed. The background of the problem: The hackers obtained details of programs and applications that have been running on the computers of the JP Morgan. They were kind of roadmaps for them. They crosschecked the lists with the known vulnerabilities within every web application and program. They were searching for the point of entry back to the system of the bank. This case of anonymity has been claimed by various people who have studied the outcomes of the forensic investigation on the bank (Lohrke, Frownfelter-Lohrke Ketchen, 2016). The hackers have been operating through overseas. They achieved the entry to the details like names, phone numbers, emails and addresses of the account holders at JPMorgan. JP Morgan declared that there has been no clear proof that this information of accounts with passwords or any social security numbers were stolen. They further claimed that there was no evidence of fraud regarding the customer data (Lee, Maker At, 2015). A portion of the information stolen also involved internal information. These data has been identifying customers according to the credit card, mortgage and private banking. The bank would face further risks of hacking from the list of stolen applications and lists. These have been running on the computers of JP Morgan to analyze the vulnerabilities. The attackers have succeeded in hiding some of the tracks. This was because as they have deleted a large number of log files. Sources have been claiming that this was possible they also broke in the past (Ferrell, 2016). JP Morgan has been spending about two fifty million dollars on their security per year. It consisted of a thousand of staffs engaged in cyber security. This was six hundred more than that of Google. After the case, numerous security staffs of JP Morgan left to work at other banks. This indicated that the individuals who have experience and knowledge about the infrastructure network have been resigning (Corker, Silver-Gre enberg Sanger, 2014). This had made JP Morgan vulnerable to more information breaches. The cyber-attack comprised the accounts details of seventy six million families with some million small scale businesses. It has been a tally that minimized the past estimates by JP Morgan and put the access among the highest ever. The confidence of the consumers regarding corporate Americas digital operations got highly shaken. Retailers like the Home Depot and Target sustained significant data breaches. Forty million cardholders and seventy million of others have been compromised at the Target (Telang, 2015). Unlike them JP Morgan which has been the largest bank of the country has financial data within its computers going beyond details of credit cards of the customers. It potentially included much more sensitive information. Carrying out of the attack: The attackers managed to go through the several levels of security. This was done by unleashing programs that were malicious. These were developed to break through the J.P. Morgans network. Then the attackers retrieved the highest layer of privileges successfully. They took control on about ninety and more servers by numerous zero-day vulnerabilities. In order to hide from detection, the information was stolen for several months slowly. There could be a case were the login credential stolen would become useless. This would happen if that was not for the server overlooked which failed to retrieve the two factor authentication upgrade (Peters, 2014). The attacks could be minimized by deploying the HIPS or Host-based Intrusion Prevention System. It has the fighting capability to catch and stop the malwares. This is because its job has been to stop and identify both unknown and known attacks. It is the software that utilizes the system calls to perform behavior monitoring. It observes the correlation among the activities. It blocks the methods as it reaches to a top confidence level (Weise, 2014). Combining the functions of personal antivirus, IDS, behavioral analysis and firewall it prevents the malwares from doing any harm. The human beings have been the weakest link always regarding security issues. This is because every people are not conscious about security. Thus they must be trained and educated properly dealing with the aspects of human. The social engineering is the field to manipulate and trick someone by providing data via exploitation of the human vulnerabilities. Some credits to the success of the attackers at JP Morgan could attribute to the malware infection at the computer of one of the employees. The usage of application whitelisting denies the malwares from installing of itself. It is the software allowing the application to work if they were not present in the application list. Attacks could also be prevented by segregating and protecting the critical assets. It makes the network a compressed zone where everything could be visible. It is the strategy to protect the enclaves in depth. By using the NAC or the Network Access Control prevention of system could be done from access into trusted network. It is done before it has been checked and scanned (Weise, 2014). Conclusion: The occurrence of data breaches in large organizations like JP Morgan has been always undesirable. In addition to the exploring of human aspects enabling attackers to intrude the network various methods of implementation are discussed in the report. The basic protection, HIPS, application whitelisting and employee educations working collectively would catch and stop the malwares from intrusion in any network including the JP Morgan. The employees could also be made aware of social engineering. This may decrease the scopes of the credentials to be stolen. References: Bradshaw, S. (2015). Combating Cyber Threats: CSIRTs and Fostering International Cooperation on Cybersecurity. Corkery, M., Silver-Greenberg, J., Sanger, D. E. (2014). Obama Had Security Fears on JPMorgan Data Breach.The New York Times. Ferrell, O. C. (2016). Broadening marketings contribution to data privacy.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1-4. Haukkala, H. (2015). From cooperative to contested Europe? The conflict in Ukraine as a culmination of a long-term crisis in EURussia relations.Journal of Contemporary European Studies,23(1), 25-40. Jacobson, M. (2015). Vulnerable Progress: The Internet of Things, the Department of Defense and the Dangers of Networked Warfare. Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Estrada, V., Freeman, A. (2015).The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Museum Edition. New Media Consortium. 6101 West Courtyard Drive Building One Suite 100, Austin, TX 78730. Lee, J., Maker, J. M. S. L. D., At, D. (2015). JP MORGAN.Wall Street Journal. Leon, A. D. (2015).Impacts of Malicious Cyber Activities(Doctoral dissertation, Johns Hopkins University). Lohrke, F. T., Frownfelter-Lohrke, C., Ketchen, D. J. (2016). The role of information technology systems in the performance of mergers and acquisitions.Business Horizons,59(1), 7-12. McDougal, T. (2015). Establishing Russia's Responsibility for Cyber-Crime Based on Its Hacker Culture.Int'l L. Mgmt. Rev.,11, 55. Peters, R. M. (2014). So You've Been Notified, Now What: The Problem with Current Data-Breach Notification Laws.Ariz. L. Rev.,56, 1171. Silver-Greenberg, J., Goldstein, M., Perlroth, N. (2014). JPMorgan Chase Hack Affects 76 Million Households.New York Times,2. Stanwick, P. A., Stanwick, S. D. (2014). A Security Breach at Target: A Different Type of Bulls Eye.International Journal of Business and Social Science,5(12). Telang, R. (2015). Policy Framework for Data Breaches.IEEE Security Privacy,13(1), 77-79. Walters, R. (2014). Cyber attacks on US companies in 2014.Heritage Foundation Issue Brief,4289. Weise, E. (2014). JP Morgan reveals data breach affected 76 million households.USA TODAY.

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William Blake Nurses Songs Essays - , Term Papers

William Blake Nurse's Songs T. S. Eliot once said of Blake's writings, ?The Songs of Innocence and the Songs of Experience are the poems of man with a profound interest in human emotions, and a profound knowledge of them.? (Grant 507) In these books of poetry and art, written and drawn by William Blake himself, are depictions of the poor, the colored, the underdog and the child's innocence and the man's experience. The focus of my paper will be on Blake's use of simple language, metaphors and drawings to show the two different states of the human spirit: innocence and experience. I hope to show this through two poems: the ?Nurse's Song? of innocents and the ?NURSES Song? of experience. In the first poem, the poem representing innocence, the nurse is in the background image as a pretty, young woman, sitting and reading by a tree. Her mood is peaceful and at rest ?When the voices of children are heard on the green / And laughing is heard on the hill.? (Blake 23) The drawing and the poem also convey a sense of peace and trust. The children are na?ve and vulnerable to the pain, the sorrow, and the evils of the perverted world; yet their faith in the fact that they are protected by the nurse, like a lamb by his shepherd, is clear from their play. The nurse herself trusts that the children are safe from perversions because of their voices and laughter. The picture shows this trust of the children through their carefree play, holding hands and dancing in a ring. In the next stanza, the nurse seems to step into her knowledge of experience: Then come home my children, the sun is gone down And the dews of night arise Come Come Leave off play, and let us away Till the morning appears in the skies. (ll. 5-8) She asks them to come in, so as to protect them from the dangers, or maybe just from exposure, to the night and its dampness. Her concern for what the darkness brings can only mean she has experienced the night before. The very minute this stanza begins, a weeping willow tree appears on the right side of the lines. It does not go away until the drama is over and the children get to stay out and continue their play. Just as quickly as the nurse expresses her concern, the children in their innocence express their desire to play more. The children, with their wise innocence, proclaim it is still light out; and not only do they know it, but the sheep still grazing and the birds still flying know it too. With this, the nurse gives in to them, and the children are victorious. By her giving in to them, she shows love and understanding for their knowledge of what is around them. In so doing, she shows that innocence obtains knowledge just as well as an experienced adult. Therefore, would it not be safe to assume that without the corruption of certain experiences the soul can still be knowledgeable and wise? As the poem ends, the echo of laughter and shouting again rules the hills. By returning to the echoing laughter of children, Blake returns the reader to the innocence felt in the beginning. In addition, by using the word ?echoed? to describe how the children's play reverberates throughout the hills, he gives the children's innocence eternity. The innocence and joy these children possess are mirrored in ?Infant Joy.? ?Infant Joy? is about a baby who is just two days old. There is a short dialogue between the baby and the baby's mother: ?I happy am/ Joy is my name, /Sweet joy befall thee!? (ll. 3-5), which describes the simplest form of innocence and joy Blake could ever portray. The poem continues with the sweetness and innocence that a baby represents. The nurse of experience reacts quite differently to the children in their play and the baby of joy. In this poem, a healthy, middle aged nurse brushes a boy's hair. A little girl sits down behind the boy. The illustration shows no sign of carefree play and gives off the impression that these children are repressed. Surrounding the picture is a

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Discuss the Most Significant Changes in the 20th Century in the Role of Women essays

Discuss the Most Significant Changes in the 20th Century in the Role of Women essays Throughout the course of the Twentieth Century there have been many significant changes in the role of women. Changes in womens domestic role, education, employment and legislation are discussed to examine these significant changes in the role of women from the 1900s to the present day. During the 1900s womens main purpose was to get married and look after her husband and children, they were treated as second class citizens with few rights. Women were burdened with heavy duty unpaid domestic work within the home. Life for women then consisted of backbreaking housework, without electricity and household aids. For working class women whose husbands were perhaps miners, cleaning was hard work, but essential as socially, women were judged on the cleanliness of their house as a sign of their respectability (early Calvinistic views). Constantly cleaning, washing, scrubbing, cooking, making and repairing clothes, tending to children and having to deal with the household finances, women endured intensive labour seven days a week - with washing itself taking a day and a half to do. It was taken for granted that housework was womens work and that is was natural for women to be at home in the early 20thC. Young girls were expected to help with household chores even w! hen they were in full time employment, whilst young boys were exempt from such chores.[1] Q. And did your father help your mother with any jobs in the house? A. No.No.No my father was very well looked after in the house, even to the fact that his tea was poured out for him, and everything was there just for him to sit down. He was the worker O the house.[2] Womens intensive role within the home and deep-rooted patriarchal views in Scotland denied women access to employment and education. The key change in the early 20thCentury was a reduction in family size (pre-pill) giving women more freedom and ability to ...

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Detroit women working in war industries (WWII) Research Paper

Detroit women working in war industries (WWII) - Research Paper Example This caused a huge need for work force in the city. During 1940 s’ there were great discrimination based on sex. Women were not deemed fit to do men’s work. Hence most of the women of that period were housewives. Their main work was to take care of the house and the children. Further during the great depression there was a huge population of men who lost their jobs and was against employing women. The people during that time considered that by employing women, eligible unemployed men were being deprived of jobs. But due to the ongoing war most of the men were enrolled in the army and were not available for work. This resulted in a large scale need for workforce (Milkman, 1987). Another main reason for shortage of work force was the sudden increase in the need for Tanks, Planes, trucks and other equipment required for war fare. Due to the huge increase in need for those articles the major automobile companies in Detroit stopped the production of Automobiles and started c oncentrating more on producing war machines. This lead to development of new factory units and these Factories were involved in the production of war machines and other related equipments. It also created new vacancies and since majority of the men were either fighting for the country or wounded only few men were available to fill up these huge vacancies. This was also the main reason for the sudden shortage of workforce. Due to shortage of workforce, the production was greatly affected. As national interest was involved, the government started showing more concern towards this issue. As a result, the Government decided to involve the women folks of that area to work in the place of men. At the beginning response from the women was very less. Though few women came forward to work, they were only willing to do the traditional female jobs such as clerical or administrative works. They were not willing to do the so called traditional male jobs and they were not willing to work in the f actories. But as there was huge vacancy in these types of jobs the government wanted to employ women in these types of jobs. The call for to work in the factories by the Government was responded mostly by women belonging to minority and lower class who were already employed in some other work. They just shifted from the low paid desk work to a better paid job. This did not help to reduce the need for work force in any way. Hence girls graduating from high schools were also recruited. This also did not suffice the need for the work force. So, the government turned its attention towards house wives. As the majority of the women were housewives, the government started targeting house wives for these kinds of jobs. The male population of the city was totally against this. They thought that by employing housewives the future of the children will be spoiled. In the beginning housewives, especially, with children were prevented from going to work. The government really had a very hard time in bring those women to work. United States of America being a democratic country was not able to force these people to work. Hence, it started to use various other means to do this (Babson, 1986). The government thought of luring the women to work through various propagandas. Through propagandas patriotic feeling was greatly increased. Further economic